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Benna May [userpic]

The Traveling Moon Boots

July 21st, 2009 (10:18 pm)

Dan left his shiny silver moon boots at my house after the 80s party. They sat on our floor for months until Polly and I decided it was time for them to do something big!

Anyone wanna host the boots for a few days?

Benna May [userpic]

I love...

April 26th, 2009 (08:09 pm)

I haven't written in here since December. But, I still read everyone's posts. I'm still around! Anyway, I had one of those weekends that you think will be relaxing and boring, then all of a sudden things don't go as planned. It was worth mentioning, and letting everyone know what I've been in love with lately.

-I love being able to go out and see a good movie with the girls (Sunshine Cleaning).
-I love that my York College ID doesn't have a date on it and I still look 18.
-I love student discounts.
-I love good previews as well...Away We Go...looks fantastic.
-I love coming home, curling up, and popping in the new Kevin Smith Q&A DVD that only cost me $1 because I had a Blockbuster gift card.
-I love waking up to 90 degree weather (well, for now) and walking to the library to find comic books in the free pile.
-I love tanning on the balcony with the girls and blasting old school music like 5ive and All 4 One.
-I love our attempts to throw a yoga ball from team A (we were on the balcony) and team B (who was two floors below us).
-I love spending too long discussing where to get dinner, then ending up at Wawa.
-I love creeping over our balcony to talk to our neighbors.
-I love impromptu parties at my place.
-I love having 11 people surrounding my dining room table playing a pretty bad version of quarters.
-I love terrible dance music.
-I love driving to Dunkin Donuts close to midnight, rocking 80s neon sunglasses and attempting to be taken seriously when ordering donuts with my friend.
-I love board games that reveal too much about the players.
-I love staying up all night talking and not falling asleep until 7am.
-I love a good Red Bull in the AM.
-I love the Converse outlet.
-I love corn dogs and funnel cake.
-I love Philadelphia (but terribly miss visits to NYC every now and then).

Benna May [userpic]

(no subject)

October 11th, 2008 (12:12 am)

I really don't want to live in a country where Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the number one movie at the box office. Therefore, I'm going to Canada for the weekend and when I get back there better be something else at the top of the charts.

Benna May [userpic]

(no subject)

August 27th, 2008 (01:06 pm)

My phone just rang and it was a number I didn't recognize, so I didn't pick it up. Whoever it was left a voice mail, so I listened to it. It was a guy's voice saying:

"Hi Brenda. I apologize, but I called the wrong number. Have a nice day."

It made me smile. Haha. What a nice guy.

Benna May [userpic]

(no subject)

August 14th, 2008 (10:26 pm)

This, I do not approve of:


Benna May [userpic]

(no subject)

July 27th, 2008 (03:34 pm)

I should have posted this yesterday so that my NYC friends could have seen the band last night in the city.

Holy shit, is Zooey Deschanel amazing.

Usually I'm not a big fan of actors who decide they are going to make an album. I hear that Russell Crow's group is good, and I kinda like Juliette and the Licks, but that's it. Seriously, Scarlett Johansson, what were you thinking?

I've always been a huge fan of Zooey, though. She's in my favorite movie ever, Almost Famous (which, by the way, I need another copy of and if anyone can find the Untitled version in the black case for less than $50, please let me know. I've already worn out two of them). She's also in The Good Girl (another favorite of mine). What else...Elf, The Happening, Tin Man...etc. You all know who she is. Anyway, back in March there was an article in Entertainment Weekly about her band, so I looked them up. I downloaded the CD but never listened to it until there was another article in my Rolling Stone mag. And it was getting great reviews!

Go buy it. Now. And on a side note, Jason Schwartzman's band Coconut Records is great, too. Zooey sings a few songs with him on his album.

Right after Stephen and I saw the Happening, I checked to see if She & Him was going on tour. And they were! So, we traveled to Philly on Friday to see Miss Zooey. We had a lot of time to kill, so we wandered Chinatown and the mall at Market street station. I'm so glad I'm moving near Philly. There is a great Asian grocery store that has all my staples- Hello Koalas, Hello Panda, Pocky, Yan Yan, and all kinds of other yummy Asian snacks. AND it's about a block away from a really cute Hello Kitty store. The mall had a Five Below, and Stephen has never been to one of those! I'm glad I was able to show him how wonderful the place is.

When we got in line at the Trocadero, there were already a lot of people in front of us. But, once we got into the place, we were only about 3-4ish rows from the stage. Damn, we should have bought Zooey a Hello Kitty present!

The opening band, Freakwater, was definitely not my thing. But, they were good and it's the type of stuff I'm used to hearing when I end up at folk festivals with bands like the Bhoys. The band has been around for a long time, though, since 1989.

She & Him came on around 10pm, and Zooey was wearing this light blue sparkley dress. She looked so pretty. They opened the show with Black Hole which is one of my favorite songs off their CD. Matt Ward is great on guitar, and I just got his new CD. The bass player rocked. Her name is Stefanie Drootin, and she plays with a few other bands, too, including Bright Eyes. I checked out her myspace, and she has a great voice. Anyway, back to Zooey...damn that girl is talented. The band is 100 times better live. Zooey plays piano, too. And the tambourine! She and Matt did a few songs without the backing band, and their version of You Really Got A Hold on Me is so sexy. I could go on and on about how she looked, and performed, and Matt, and the back up band...just go see them if you have a chance. It was great.

They're playing some festival in Maryland on August 10th with BOB DYLAN and Kanye West. But, I have tix for the UCB that night. Still good!

Before we went in, we were told that all cameras would be confiscated or they would take our camera until after the show for $3. Right. Stephen took mine back to the car since I just bought it. But there were a lot of people with cameras, and really I could have hidden mine. Oh well. There are some great pics on flickr here:

And one of my new friends posted some on his facebook:

Benna May [userpic]

I have an announcement

July 24th, 2008 (10:47 pm)

Ladies and gentlemen...

I'm moving to Philadelphia. September 6th.

What happened to those lifelong dreams of growing old in NYC? Well, I had to say no. Unless someone from NBC or Saturday Night Live calls me in the next month, I cannot be in the city. No offense to some of my best friends who do live there (Melissa and Dave), but that place is not for me. I love you guys, and I'm sad that I won't be able to spend all my weekends with you, really. But, I want some very specific things- I want to write a book about all my misadventures in the celtic music/festival circuit, and become an agent for musicians. These wants are a hell of a lot different than they were a few years ago. If I want this stuff, and especially the music aspect, I can't just jump right in and move to NYC.

I went to visit Megan in Arizona earlier this month, and I left from Newark airport. I met a girl on the plane who was a few years older than me and she gave me a lot of advice. She said that for what I want to do, I should start locally, get my foot in the door, and then come to NYC. When I got off the plane, I had a text message from a friend asking if I wanted to move to Philadelphia with her. I considered it a sign, and said yes. We even managed to get into the apartment complex that I looked at when I was considering Philly a few months ago. One of our friends already lives there, and there is a bar in the complex. Apparently this place is known for it's social life. Anyway, it's also 2 miles from one of my favorite places to be, Brittingham's Irish Pub. It's nice to know that something really familiar and comfortable will be nearby.

It seems as though two of my favorite bands to be with won't be around my area too much anymore. But, I've made friends with so many other bands and I have so many great friends who are like family to me because of all the festivals. I can't just drop all that. I've tried a lot of times, and I just end up back in the same places. If I moved to NYC, like I said before, I'd still have really great people to hang out with. And we'd never lack things to do. But, right now, I just want to be around things I know and Philadelphia is a pretty good area. I'll be close to Bethlehem, close to a big city, and the place I'm living in is in a quite little area just outside of the city. A lot of bands I know play near by and I have a lot of good friends just right down the street. I need to give this a try.

But, no worries, Dave. I'm right near a train station and I can get to NYC whenever you need me. I plan on signing up for SNL tix with 8 different email addresses this time. It's gonna be fantastic. Hell, I'll even come up for those Thursday night shows they are gonna do this year. I can call in sick for work on Friday.

Speaking of work, anyone know people who are hiring in Philadelphia?

Along with that, Jess (my soon to be roommate) and I have started a company called OctoFiddle Assistance. Friend us on myspace and if you know any bands who are looking to get more shows and more fans, let us know. Our company will help bands book shows anywhere, we create street teams, webpages, logos, promotion, work with the bands to come up with advertising ideas, etc. We launched our myspace page yesterday and posted an ad on craiglist. We already have our first client. I'll be happy to send our business cards to anyone who knows bands.

OK, Will and Grace is on and I need to go to bed soon. Pookie and I are going into Philly tomorrow to see Zooey Deschanel's band, She & Him. I can't wait!!!

Benna May [userpic]

(no subject)

July 24th, 2008 (10:33 am)

Stephen and I get to become BFFs with Zooey Deschanel tomorrow. Yay!

Benna May [userpic]


July 15th, 2008 (08:07 pm)

Has anyone seen a movie called Teeth? One of my roomies from York suggested I watch it and said it reminded her of me. Well, turns out it's about a girl who uses her vagina to bite off any penis that comes her way. Uh...how is that like me? My vag does not have teeth! Anyway, Crystal and I watched it obviously, and she loved it. So, between that and our love of zombies, I've come up with the perfect birthday present for her. All I did was take apart an old Ken doll and revamp him. Crystal, if you are reading this, do NOT click the livejournal cut. Everyone else, let me know what you think!!!!!!

Benna May [userpic]

Suggestions, Please

June 23rd, 2008 (07:58 pm)

OK...I caved and bought an Ipod nano. Do I really need one? No, not at all. But it was so cute, and I had a gift card. Plus, I'm going to visit Megan in Arizona soon and I don't have an mp3 player. I've been using my Samsung Juke as my music player, but I can't have my phone on during the flight. OK, I know I can deactivate the actual phone/calling for the flight and just use it as an mp3 player...but I chose to believe this wasn't true so that I wouldn't feel guilty for wasting money on an Ipod.

So, even though I have two big CD books filled with music and a bunch of CDs laying around that I never bothered to put in the book, give me some music suggestions to download. It's just so much easier to download than it is to rip from my CDs. Plus, I'm lazy. Anything new you have been listening to? Give it all to me.

And videos...if anyone found anything interesting or hilarious or just plain strange on youtube, tell me. I'll put it on my Ipod and watch it on the flight. I named my Ipod Nugget.

In other news, I've been enjoying the summer so far. Spent some time with Searson, a few days back in MD with the roommates, some time in Htown/Atown with my Saucon crew. And I have a lot coming up that I'm really looking forward to. I also have been starting (for the 10th time) to go through all my shit at my mom's house. I managed to get rid of a lot of junk in my room but it turns out I have like 8 huge rubbermaid containers filled with stuff out in the shed. Ugh. If anyone is trying to find something they used to have as a kid and want it back, I probably have it. I saved everything. Collect anything? Looking for something? I'll be happy to send it to you. Or come here and take whatever you want. Seriously. If it's not in my room, it's not important to me and I just want it all gone.

I managed to watch some movies last week, too. I downloaded a ton of stuff and put it on disc, but never got around to watching anything with my roommates. So, finally I watched:
-The Nines- Great. But I need to watch it again.
-Factory Girl- Eh. It was okay. I love Andy Warhol, though.
-The Darjeeling Limited- I've decided I'm naming one of my children after all three of the Wilson brothers. I love those guys.
-Vulgar- Oh holy shit! Do no watch this movie unless you love Kevin Smith and his posse. It's one of the most fucked up movies I've seen. Yeah, that doesn't really say much. I'm afraid to say this is a good movie and I loved it. But I did!

I also bought Anchorman and You, Me, Dupree at a yard sale for $2 each. I liked both, but neither enough to buy. For $2, though, I might as well. So I watched them both over again.

I need to watch Once now. And I still have half the movies nominated for Oscars on my to-watch list.

Saw Get Smart this weekend, then snuck into The Happening. Just like old times.

And someone PLEASE go see She and Him in Philadelphia with me on July 25th. Tix are like $25.

OK, have a fantastic week! Bye!