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The Sterling Sessions

See it through my eyes

Benna May
6 March 1984
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Brenda May is currently in her fifth year at York College and her third year as a legal, alcohol-drinking adult.

Known for her innocent like qualities and celebrity stalking expertise, Benna has been sweeping the nation with her ability to play the digeridoo and paint wooden boxes. Although, not at the same time. She also enjoys art, comedy, New York City, Hello Kitty, Irish festivals, musicians that no one knows about, faeries and anything that takes her away from the certainty that she is about to enter the real world.

Benna joined the ranks of York College after leaving her native Hellertown- a place where she has much love and a large following. Nothing beats a trip to Regal Cinemas, the Waffle House, or Copperhead Grille with her H-Town lovies.

Benna can be seen dancing in front of bands, selling CDs for the Glengarry Bhoys and Greenwich Meantime, hanging out on 49th street in NYC anxiously waiting to be let into Studio 8H for Saturday Night Live, or in front of her television set watching her guilty pleasures- Idol, Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Her future projects include figuring out what she wants to do with her life, deciding who gets to be in the studio for Saturday Night Live, rocking out at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and opening a recording studio appropriately called ShamrockenRoll Productions.

Most importantly, this gal is happy with what’s going on around her and thankful that things seem to be falling into place.